Single server queuing models,


    single server queuing models

    Über die Autoren This book presents the latest developments and breakthroughs in fuzzy theory and performance prediction of queuing and reliability models by using the stochastic modeling and optimization theory. The main focus is on analytics that use fuzzy single server queuing models, queuing and reliability theory for the performance prediction and optimal design of real-time engineering systems including call centers, telecommunication, manufacturing, service organizations, etc.

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    For the day-to-day as well as industrial queuing situations and reliability prediction of single server queuing models parts embedded in computer, communication and manufacturing systems, the book assesses various measures of performance and effectiveness that can provide valuable insights and help arrive at the best decisions with regard to service and engineering systems.

    In twenty buchtipp flirten, the book presents both theoretical developments and applications of the fuzzy logic, reliability and queuing models in a diverse range single server queuing models scenarios.

    single server queuing models

    The topics discussed will be of interest to researchers, educators and undergraduate students in the fields of Engineering, Business Management, and the Mathematical Sciences. Inhaltsverzeichnis Chapter 1: Mehar methods to solve intuitionistic fuzzy linear programming problems with trapezoidal intuitionistic fuzzy numbers.

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