Single payer health care defined. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Chapter One.

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Access to appropriate health care when needed can mean the difference between life, death, or permanent disability. The health care sector also constitutes a major portion of economic activity and employment.

The public sector health care system in Britain is the largest employer in Europe.

single payer health care defined

Zufällige bekanntschaften wiederfinden the United States and Germany, health care comprises one-seventh of their economies.

The importance of single payer health care defined care to human life and economic activity makes it a major concern of public policy.

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Susan Giaimo Chapter Two. This is single payer health care defined far more limited role for government in health care than the health care models in other industrialized nations.


Canada, for example, relies on a tax-financed single government insurance plan in each province. The single-payer insurance model, however, allows for primarily private providers. By contrast, American policymakers have taken steps to fill in coverage gaps through a dualistic model of private employment-based insurance and public insurance programs for those outside the labor market, namely, the elderly, poor, disabled, and the military.

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Susan Giaimo Chapter Three. Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all those below a legally set income threshold.

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But rather than a single government health plan covering the entire population, which is single-payer NHI as exists in Canada, Germans obtain health coverage from a multitude of employment-based non-profit insurance funds.

These funds are not government bodies; however, they operate under strict government supervision.

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Historically, the different health insurance funds stratified the population along occupational, class, and status lines. This changed in the s, when health care reforms allowed for the free choice of insurer.

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Employers and employees bear the primary responsibility for financing health insurance through income-related contributions, though state actors play an important supplementary role. A small private insurance market is available for those above the legally defined income ceiling.

Reforming Health Care in the United States, Germany, and South Africa

Associations representing providers and insurers have primary responsibility for health care administration, as part of a system of governance known as corporatism, but they operate under tight state oversight and supervision. South Africa: Confronting the Legacies of Apartheid Abstract The Republic of South Africa illustrates the triumphs and challenges of democratic transformation in the postcolonial era.

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For three centuries, white European settlers and their descendants, who comprised a minority of the population, had imposed a political, economic, and social system based on racial hierarchy, which they enforced by single payer health care defined repressive denial of basic human rights of the indigenous black majority.

This first important step in the path of political democratization was all the more remarkable because it was the outcome of difficult negotiations rather than the bloodshed of all-out civil war.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The immediately adjacent neighborhood has run-down dwellings, shuttered storefronts, and chains offering fast-food fare. In still another neighborhood, renovated row houses and compact bungalows house a mix of older residents and new families.

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The main street is teeming with life: shops sell practical items such as housewares; cafes, pubs, and restaurants cater to the taste buds; residents can walk to the nearby movie theatre. The public library and park are open to all. The different neighborhoods, moreover, are more or less connected to each other.

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The upscale area is deliberately inaccessible except by car. The poor neighborhood cut off from the surrounding suburbs because only one bus line serves its residents and that route stops at the city line.

The russische frauen kostenlos kennenlernen neighborhood, by contrast, is well connected to other neighborhoods and the surrounding suburbs and outer counties through a network of local buses and regional commuter rail lines that complement cars.

The physical structures, amenities, and character of any neighborhood reflect the relationships between the neighbors, businesses, local governments, and single payer health care defined choices they have made. Susan Giaimo.

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