Peyton Manning on Drew Brees breaking his passing records

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So it is this year.

In a season during which passing and scoring records fellall four Championship Sunday participants including the one that set those records relied on the timeless formula last weekend: run the ball effectively, control the clock, play solid defense and make the other team earn every point it scores. Seattle won behind tackle-breaking machine Marshawn Lynch in postseason Beast Mode, evidently and a suffocating defense that rattled New Orleans' top weapon, Jimmy Graham.

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But LeGarrette Blount was the blunt force that the Patriots used to pound the Colts ' defense into submission. Meanwhile, the Pats' myriad defensive looks frustrated Indianapolis' Andrew Luckwho threw four interceptions.

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Offensively, the 49ers employed a balanced attack: Frank Gore led the charge on the ground while Colin Kaepernick made some timely plays through the air, leaning heavily on veteran gamer Anquan Boldin. Denver's defense missed Von Miller's havoc-wreaking presence but stiffened enough to allow the Bolts just 65 yards rushing, less than half of what the Broncos churned out in a winning effort.

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Was it the best performance for a quarterback in ? After setting the single-season record with an astounding 5, passing yards, Peyton Manning threw for justwith the other three winning quarterbacks failing to reach There is, of course, a long tradition of returning peyton manning single season records the run game in the postseason.


New York was led by Joe Namath, who was one season removed from becoming the first quarterback in single frauen hof saale football history to throw for 4, yards, but the Jets ran more than they passed on that day logging 43 carries and 29 throwsto control the clock and the Colts.

A year later, the Kansas City Chiefs peyton manning single season records another team known for offensive daring and innovation -- rushed the ball 42 times for yards to dominate the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV. These things were true 45 years ago, and they still might be true 45 years from now.

The feared cornerback has been selected First-Team All-Pro three times and ranks 26th in career interceptions with Few cornerbacks have had the genetic gifts for the physical longevity Bailey has achieved. He's managed to maintain elite speed and quickness long after most corners his age have retired. Even at the age of 34, he can still lock down some of the best receivers in the in NFL. Brian Urlacher, LB 4 of 21 Brian Urlacher has established himself as one of many legendary linebackers to don a Bears uniform.

In recent years, we've seen running backs de-emphasized on draft day. Yet, by the time the playoffs roll around, the best teams almost always have a solid run game in place.

The star of the divisional weekend, Blount, went undrafted out of college and was pawned off by the Buccaneers this past offseason -- yet he's been unstoppable for the Patriots of late.


Marshawn Lynch was a first-round draft choice, but the Bills gave up on him before the Seahawks recast him as their most reliable offensive threat. Knowshon Moreno 's demise had been rumored for years in Denver, but this season he's been a steady all-around back who doesn't fumble and a strong blocker, to boot.

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Frank Gore is a former third-round pick -- thanks in part to some injury baggage from college -- who has developed a reputation as a tough inside runner, and his efficiency boosts both the passing game and Kaepernick's devastatingly effective keepers. So why does this happen so often?


Why do the gaudy passing numbers of the regular season frequently get supplanted by the meat and potatoes of old-school football in the new year? Simple reasons, mostly: Better defense: Playoff teams are generally more accomplished defensively, meaning each opponent has a formidable pass rush.

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The best way to neutralize this is to have a running game that the defense has to take seriously. Weather: So Peyton Manning isn't as good in cold-weather games?

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Guess what: He's not alone -- not by single frau bremen long shot.

Show me a quarterback who consistently overperforms in freezing temperatures and snow, and I'll show you an anomaly.

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Cold weather leads to numb hands, making peyton manning single season records very difficult to execute the touch throws that separate the great quarterbacks from the good ones. And peyton manning single season records receivers enjoy a slight advantage over defensive backs in terms of footing -- because they know where they're going -- it's much harder to catch a rifled pass in sub-freezing weather than it is on a room-temperature day.

Peyton Manning Single Season Passing Yards Record Sports Photo

If you've never tried it, just trust me. But do that in a playoff game against a Manning or Brady, and you're going to get burned.

peyton manning single season records

That's why it's all the more important to control the football and minimize mistakes. It's a bit different on the AFC side.

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New England's commitment to the run is simply Bill Belichick 's adaptation to a roster that's currently short on difference-making receivers and tight ends. The Pats very well could go back to being a top-five passing attack and the league's top-ranked offense next season if they can come up with the right group of receivers for Brady.

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On the other hand, Denver is only committed to the run as long as you stay in a loose shell defense that begs the Broncos to use it. In each game, though, both teams will look to assert their will by establishing a ground attack.

And the ones that do so best will likely meet in New Jersey in February. Follow Brian Billick on Twitter coachbillick.