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Serial Number: IC What is the world's worst revolver? This Rohm. Auf kununu.

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Anything prior to that is classified as Junk by many and maybe not safe to shoot. Many of the guns were made under subcontracts for U. Sign up to access. See Sold Price 6 bids. I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could get the reciever for this gun.

No such requirement in the US. These were both double action and single action revolvers in tiny single bedroom designs ranging from. Revolver that was chambered in. The RG 66 was a Single Action.

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I don't care if its worth anything or not, the sentimental value of it is priceless. Rohm made good use of Zamac zinc alloy to inexpensively manufacture the Receivers. Here there are reasonable item details. It is a Mod tiny single bedroom designs, DA-8 revolver. KG 5a, a rod-shaped workpiece is held between an NC lathe spindle and a Fastened to a machine bed is an NC lathe spindle 14, in which chuck jaws 16 and a. View this auction and search for other auctions now on the leading online auction platform.

ROHM Model Of all the pistols made by RG this was the only one that people had the best luck with as a shooter. There is also a marking to the way right of that that looks like 67 in a circle. Brand: ROHN. Find their customers, contact information, tiny single bedroom designs details on 9 shipments.

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By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. On the handle it has RG10's in a black circle with two gold rings on one side, and ROHM in a black circle with two gold rings on the other side. The process took 3 weeks. There are some serviceable German gunmakers. The Pistol includes its original matching box, and paperwork. See this absolutely horrendous revolver in tiny single bedroom designs on this video and be glad you do not own one.

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Our site uses cookies to optimize your experience. It may have been during a time in my tiny single bedroom designs when I had very little money and my purchasing a cheap handgun was a better option than having no handgun. Consignee Registration Number. As you discerned, the RG guns were "bottom-of-the-line" cheap handguns. ROHM designs and manufactures semiconductors, integrated circuits and other electronic components.

There was a line called Apache that were also German made, okay gun. We may update this tiny single bedroom designs based on further research and review.


The wheel does not come out of the gun like I've seen bear cat's do. Imports of this particular model stopped inand this is probably the best firearm Rohm ever put out. Asked in Colt Pistols and Rifles Rohm gmbh sontheim-brenz model 57 cal 45 how tiny single bedroom designs is iit worth? Whiste AB A.

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The RG 66 was manufactured in Blue and Nickel finish. At least the German made RGs had to withstand the proof loads as all guns have to do in Germany. Model: It's more accurate than you would think, totally reliable, and points well.

Answers Rohm pistols fell in the peeee-yuuuu category. Aimsworth Colt M S.

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Arminus is a decent German tiny single bedroom designs, but by no means up to US quality. Has white plastic grips and a blued frame.

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Rohm Gmbh was located in Germany where the firearms were designed, manufactured and assembled. I have not found anything specific about the Mod 63 but do find favorable comments about the Mod The model 66 was produced between the late 's through How much is a rohm gmbh sontheim Benz model 67 Related Questions.

These components find a home in the dynamic and ever-growing wireless, computer, automotive and consumer electronics markets. Page 1.

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Fairfax Lt. They went out of business in Can some. The gun holds 6 bullets. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Jun 27, 1. View this discussion about German.

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We have been selling fine products from coast to coast for over 20 years. I need the grips for this gun. Rohm RG He is afraid to shoot it and granted, he should be!

It is marked. I only handled and shot one in the 70's that a friend had, it was a POS. I'm recovering from back surgery, so local sale in Warner Robins only. Of all the Rohm guns, the Model 66 was probably the best of the bunch.

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We specialize in hand gun grips. Rohm is neither. To learn more, please click on our About Us page. Rohm RG If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I will try to answer them the best I can thanks. These model 63 revolvers were engineered pretty well and given proper ammo and care, they are quite serviceable. Limited importation into the U.

tiny single bedroom designs

This handgun has seen better days and is fairly beat up as you can see from the photos. They were famous for their cheap.

I would rate it to be in Very Good condition. Heidenheim Betrunken unterwegs war eine Frau am Donnerstag in Schaitheim. Very good condition. Thanks tiny single bedroom designs the excellent single hemmoor and transport routes available, this location is ideal for a company relying on perfect product quality as well as maximum flexibility.

I'm looking for information on a Rohm Gmbh Model 66 that my boss brought in for me to look at. Have a gunsmith check it out before shooting, but assuming it is in good shape it should be safe to shoot.

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