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Saxifraga World Welcome page

Saxifraga micans                                                                                                                                                                             'Zlata Praha'                                                                                                                                            
  Welcome at  'Saxifraga World'
The Website of the Alpigena Nursery 

***** Saxifrages.......The Backbone of the Rockgarden! *****

*** Zaterdag a.s  19  April geopend van 10.00-16.00 uur ***

       Zaterdag 12 April a.s staan wij op de Beurs van de Nederlandse Rotsplanten vereniging

in de Botanische tuinen te Utrecht


Up-Date  10 April Open dagen

  We Are Up-Dating our Catalogue Pages so it's possible that you miss some Saxes for a while because some are transfered to other Groups,Binomials,NCC etc.

New Page (9) ......Mail-Order Collections.

The NEW Checklist NOW Available!
A Must have for everyone involved with Saxifraga's
See Intro on our Binomial Page A-C (5) for details.

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'Allendale Bravo'                                                                   'Tromso'                                                                                          'Penelope

Dear Alpine Friends;   
We are a small specialized Alpine Plant Nursery with a main interest
in Porophyllum an Ligulatae Saxifrages.

Our Collection is one of the Largest in the the moment there are more as 1000 (920 Cultivars!) different Cultivars and Botanical Saxes from the Porophyllum and Ligulatae section in our Motherplant garden.
We also list many,many other Alpines for the Rockgarden from easy to difficult,like Gentians,Primula,Silene,Ramonda,Veronica,Delosperma,
Androsace,Botanical Sempervivum,Draba,Iris,Haberlea,Campanula,to mention just a few.



We have a very good Mail-order service and send plants all over the
world,except USA and Norway due to custom regulations.
***** Please  Always Check out our Mail-Order Page before ordering,because when you make an order you agree with our Mail-order statement *****

  'Roma'     B.Moerland 2000                                    Pulsatilla albana var. Georgica                                                    'Lojcika'      
Visiting the Nursery

Visiting our Nursery is ONLY possible by appointment!....or on our OPEN SATURDAYS
in March and April when the Saxifrages are Flowering,and in September specially interesting for the real
collectors for there can be 'must haves' between the just potted up cuttings.


In The Left BOX you see the Pages of our Catalogue. By Clicking on the item you are
going to the Page of your choice.  Happy 'Surfing' in our Catalogue!

Please keep in mind that we list our Saxifrages alphabatical with their Binomial name!.........So when you are looking for let's say 'Jan Neruda''s not listed under the 'J'.......but under the 'M' of the Binomial....x megaseaeflora!

  Iris  'Gingerbread man'                               Simba Saxifraga Guard                                 Draba longisiliqua EMR


For Contact;
Bart and Hannelore Moerland
Bilderdijkstraat 129     7442VK
The Netherlands

Please Note......You can visit us during the whole year....but only by appointment!

Website under 2014 Copyright




Saxifraga World Welcome page